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LED Curtains & Columns

Add sparkle and adventure to any space with LED curtain lights, fairy strands and string lights from ShopWildThings. Our extensive collection includes such a huge variety that you'll certainly find what you need to plan an event, a get-together or simply decorate a part of your home. Our customers love our comprehensive collection of curtain and fairy lights because they're ideal for formal occasions, such as weddings and wedding receptions, and they're versatile enough to be used for other gatherings, such as birthday parties, holiday celebrations or everyday decor.

led curtains

<p>Looking for a surefire way to create an awe-inspiring setting for weddings or any other special event? Or to create an atmosphere that will have people wanting to come back over and over again? At ShopWildThings, we've found that there's no more effective way to accomplish those goals than by harnessing the power of beautiful and elegant crystal drapes hanging from the ceiling.</p>
<p>As your guests walk in, the room will be bathed in a warm, dim-lit glow. You've decked out the area with gorgeous, coordinating decorations everywhere. And up above, there's a mystical canopy floating over the event, creating a dream-like star scape. These are our high-grade, stylish crystal drapes. Each crystal is cut so that every single facet captures the light beautifully.</p>
<p>Our gorgeous, high quality crystal canopies are versatile enough that you have the freedom to be as creative as you like. You can choose to leave them low-hanging or arrange them to create a gazebo effect. There is the option to keep the center portion hanging low to create a grandiose swag. Whatever your preference, the four different attachment points make it easy for you to get creative.&nbsp;</p>