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Floral Jelly Pearl Decor

Just add water and wait for the compliments with our polymer water pearls that expand when you soak them in water. These jelly beads create a sensational look for special events, and they're available in 10 colors from ShopWildThings. Slip them into narrow vases, add water and watch them expand into perfectly round beads.Order small or large beads to create centerpieces for weddings, birthdays, galas or poolside parties. Use clear polymer water pearls for an elegant look, or liven up an ordinary reception with splashes of bold colors in clear vases. For those big events, order our water crystal beads in bulk.Mix the colors for a vibrant look to dress up festive parties. When the celebration is over, store them in sealable plastic bags. If they dry out, simply add water to rehydrate them. We have hundreds of innovative ways to dress up reception halls, ballrooms and homes. Add our acrylic diamond curtains as a backdrop for tables set with vases containing clear water beads for an elegant look. Click on this Video Time with Tina for tips on how much to buy and use. Tina also shows how LED lights submerged in a vase filled with jelly beads can dramatically change the look of a table centerpiece.  Submerging a white LED light in a vase containing colored jelly beads will create the brightest glow.

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