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Complete Flower Wall & Greenery Kits

The most popular question we get from our customers about Flower Wall panels is "How many flower wall panels do you need to make an 8 Foot Wide by 8 Foot Tall Flower wall backdrop?" We have assembled a bunch of fabulous KITS that will allow you to stop doing math and start doing backdrops! If you have your own 8' Tall Pipe and Drape stand, then great! But if you need a stand, we also offer those as an Add-On item. You'll get everything in the original kit as well as 8' tall Pipe Uprights, Base Plates with Pins, and Cross Bars. Maybe you need to create a different size wall. If so, you can use our Individual Flower Panels and make them into any design you'd like! We also offer Individual Greenery Wall Panels

Landscape & Flower Wall Complete Kits

If you're stressed for time but need a gorgeous backdrop to highlight the head table, serve as a photography background or you simply want a wall filled with lush greenery or beautiful flowers, our Greenery Landscape & Flower Wall Kits are here to rescue you in your time of need! Each kit provides enough panels to create an 8 foot tall by 8 foot wide wall along with 64 square feet of extra strength polypropylene fencing and 100 zip ties (wire ties) to secure the walls to the fencing.

The fencing is lightweight but incredibly tough and durable and you can optionally secure it to a Pipe & Drape Hardware Backdrop. All of our greenery landscape and flower wall kits are portable, an important feature for event planners as well as photographers, and we have chosen a large variety of floral and greenery walls to create stunning backdrops. 

At ShopWildThings, we understand how hectic event planning can be so these kits were put together to allow designers to complete their setup in as little time as possible while providing a luxurious, memorable backdrop.