Spangles FireProof Curtains

We love the sparkly look and lightweight feel of our acrylic circle disc beaded curtains at ShopWildThings. Our Spangles, Kate and Bold curtains have varying styles, but each features metallic PVC circles which are shiny, lightweight and so easy to work. Designed with jump rings, it's quick to add or subtract from the length which can lead to some pretty awesome displays! PVC is IFR (Inherently Fire Proof!) - great for venues!To shorten, simply remove jump rings that connect to each circle disc bead until you reach your desired length. To lengthen, buy another curtain. Use jump rings and beads from that extra drape to add length to your original curtain. We have matching chandeliers, too. For more width, simply hang or place two or more Spangles beaded curtains side by side.

spangles fireproof curtains