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Freestanding Column Stands

Our Professional Quality Freestanding Column Riser Kits give you the freedom to place your event decor where you want it, decide how tall you want it and choose what kind of column you want on it! The parts in these kits have been carefully chosen for their ease of use, their heavy-duty construction and their durability. Each kit includes a weighted base, a pin to secure the upright, the actual upright and a crossbar to hold a crystal column. These kits are designed to easily support the weight of our crystal beaded columns, round or square. Choose from a 9' tall fixed height riser, a height adjustable 8'to 14' tall riser or a height adjustable 8' to 20' tall riser. Effortless hardware to create decadent decor!

column risers

Freestanding Column Stands

Sometimes the floor layout in your chosen venue isn't conducive to the design elements you want and if you're an event planner, decorating styles from client to client can vary greatly. That's why we carry these Professional Grade Freestanding Column Riser Kits; to give you the freedom to place event décor where you want it, when you need it.

Designed to perfectly showcase our round and square sparkling crystal columns, these kits are heavy-duty and easy to use. Each kit comes with a weighted base, an upright, a pin to secure the upright and a crossbar to hold the beaded column. From one event to the next, from one client to the next, you have the freedom to easily move about your sparkling crystal decorations and from 8' to 20' tall, you choose what height works best for the event. Now that's what we call a flexible, reliable, hard working asset!