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Wooden Beaded Curtains - ShopWildThings

Wooden & Bamboo Curtains

The curtains on this page are made and ready to ship! Need it Custom? See more information HERE

At ShopWildThings, we have an extensive inventory of beautiful wooden beaded curtains that are perfect for homes, offices, restaurants, bars and a wide variety of retail spaces. Famously seen on the big screen and on television shows, these beads are known for associating with Hollywood types. From shows such as Justified and movies like Meet the Fockers, these curtains have added flair to sets for years. 

If you prefer a little color and scenery with your curtain, our large variety of bamboo curtains that can certainly fill that need! ShopWildThings Beaded Curtains use Lead-Free paints and stains.Wooden Curtains are entirely handmade items. There may be slight color and slight length variations from one wooden curtain to another. People make the beads and then hand-string each bead onto the line. The overall look and pattern of the curtain will be as depicted in the showcased images. Please allow for those variations that are inherent to handmade items. These curtains can be hung in either doorways or windows and offer varying degrees of privacy. If privacy is a determining factor in your decision, keep in mind that the more strands in a curtain, the more privacy will be provided.

Our customers who buy this product absolutely love it for a variety of reasons. They're excellent as partitions in smaller living quarters. They're a fantastic way to invite natural elements into your living or work space. A common question is whether or not they are easy to walk through and the answer is "yes." Our door beads are not cumbersome in the least, but if you prefer you can easily tie them to the side and still enjoy their added aesthetic.

Many of our beaded door curtains offer beautiful patterns. If you are considering hanging more than one next to each other, keep in mind that some patterns may flow seamlessly together from one panel to the next (our favorite example of this is the Augusta), while some of the other models may not go as well side by side (for example, the Palm Tree curtain). As always, we've created our curtains to be hassle-free and easy to install. Please enjoy browsing our selection of beautiful wooden bead doors. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 928.855.6075.