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Diamante Duo Large Diamonds Beaded Curtains - ShopWildThings

Diamante Duo 

Beautiful Sparkling Faceted w/ 2 sizes of Beads alternating on the strand!

Diamante Duo Beaded Curtains

The large multi-faceted beads on our Diamante Duo beaded curtains, columns, chandeliers and bead strands make any special event or stage set truly spectacular. The premium acrylic crystal beads in two sizes on Diamante Duo decor curtains and panels are faceted to sparkle like diamonds. Our how-to videos at ShopWildThings demonstrate how easy they are to install. We also have rolls of Diamante Duo beads and can make anything you'd like for you! Need a custom size? Just ask!

We also offer Diamond Beaded Curtains and Chandeliers with Smaller uniform sizes of beads.