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Raindrops Beaded Curtains

Add the look of sheer, delicate raindrops to your special event with our raindrop-shape beaded curtains from ShopWildThings. These ultra-fabulous raindrop beaded curtains with pearly iridescent or clear non-iridescent finishes are creating elegant settings for weddings, ballroom galas, stage sets and outdoor pavilion parties. Use raindrop-shaped beaded curtains in doorways, as backdrops against walls, as space dividers or as dramatic flourishes suspended from ceilings. The beads graduate from small to large raindrop shapes to mimic the look of rainfall. They're absolutely stunning! Each curtain has 45 strands of graduated sizes of raindrop beads. The width is 35 inches, and the length is 70 inches. The strands arrive already attached to the rod. To hang, simply insert nails or hook through two metal eyelets on each rod.

raindrop beaded curtains

Raindrops Beaded Curtains

Our Raindrops Beaded Curtains and Chandeliers are favorites of many of our customers who love their style, beauty, ease of hanging and their ability to add color and interest to any room, wall, window or doorway. The cascading design is visually stimulating and if hung in a doorway, these are a dream to walk through since the strands won't tangle.

Our beaded curtains are made from a high quality acrylic that's not only very durable, but the beads will not yellow or become discolored. These curtains are lightweight and while some have a fabric top pocket to slide onto a pole or rod, others have a hard plastic header rod which is equipped with 2 eyelets. Both styles allow for quick and easy hanging. We offer a wide variety of colors and some styles have a pearly iridescent coating on the beads which adds intrigue and some are just the base color without a coating. Both look spectacular so it's all in the style and color that best suits your needs.

Not just for around the house, our raindrop curtains make stunning backdrops for stage shows, photo shoots and to enhance retail displays. Some event venues have also hung our clear raindrop curtains from the ceiling and illuminated with color changing lights which is a pretty awesome effect and if you need a width greater than 35 inches, simply hang 2 or more side by side.