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Attractive, sturdy, multi-use and portable are priceless features when it comes to planning an event and that's just what you get with Roman Column Stands and Shepherd Hooks. 

Our pillar columns not only help to outline the ceremony area, but with pre-cut holes in the removable top plate, they're an instant holder for long-stemmed floral sprays or branches and of course they're ideal for vases and flower pots. Most can be made shorter by removing a section and their sturdy yet lightweight design also makes them a very portable event prop.

We offer different styles of Shepherd Hooks that range from free-standing and height adjustable to those you can plant in the ground. Hang lanterns, flower baskets or drape tulle and fabric from one to the next to create an elegant outline.

We love these pieces that easily move from ceremony to reception, with the added feature of being able to swap out the decorating elements to create a completely different look!