Metal Chain Beaded Curtains

Real Metal Chain Beaded Curtains from ShopWildThings add contemporary flair to any venue. Use them in retail windows or restaurant lobbies, and at galas, wedding receptions and homes. They are also Inherently Fire Proof, making them an excellent choice for venues with FR Requirements. Our In-House Fabrication department is ready for your Custom Orders! We can make Bendable Metal Top, Straight Metal Top, or Fabric Strap Top with Grommets for your chain curtains! Each of these Curtains are made in the USA at our Arizona location by American workers. We are very proud of the quality of our work and welcome all custom orders! Each curtain will arrive assembled. Choose from a variety of patterns that we've come up with below, or choose from any of the beads that you see below and we will create the Chain Curtain of your dreams.

metal chain curtains