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Metal Chain Curtains

Made in the USA! | Fire Proof | Stock orCustom

Metal Chain Beaded Curtains

Made in the USA! Fire Proof | Stock Sizes | Custom Options | Metal Chain Beaded Curtains from ShopWildThings add contemporary flair to any venue. Use them in retail windows or restaurant lobbies, and at galas, wedding receptions and homes. They are also Inherently Fire Proof, making them an excellent choice for venues with FR Requirements. Our In-House Fabrication department is ready for your Custom Orders! We can make Bendable Metal Top, Straight Metal Top, or Fabric Strap Top with Grommets for your chain curtains!  

Metal Curtains brings an exciting and contemporary look that will enhance many décor styles! We offer standard 3' wide by 6' long choices but if you need a different size, we will consult with you and our in-house, custom craftsmen will gladly (and meticulously!) make the size and style you want! Our Custom Lynx Aluminum Chain Beaded Curtains are stylish and modern, giving a distinctive and upscale look to retail store windows, spas and salons, office windows and as store and restaurant ceiling jewelry. They also make impressive bar backs, unique room dividers for the home and in night clubs, or to create a focal point wall. Lightweight, easy to hang and no problem to walk through, these are great replacements for traditional doors or cabinet doors.

Need to cover a curved or irregular wall? We have the solution.

Need fireproof decor? We have the solution.

Our stock color choices for Lynx chain include shiny or matte silver, shiny or matte gold, copper, black and matte brown but if you need a specific color, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes! We are always shopping for new and trendy colors. In addition, we offer a variety of ways to hang our metal curtains so whether you're installation includes updating a ceiling, walls, doors or windows, you can choose from heavy duty white or black fabric straps with or without grommets, straight metal rods, bendable metal rods or a plastic rod. If you're more of a real metal fan then our ball chain beaded curtains have all the great qualities of aluminum but it's just a bit heavier. These also come in a variety of colors. When you want to let in light and not totally close in a space, Metal Chain Curtains are the answer. They create a ritzy barrier without completely hiding a room which has the added benefit of making the room feel much larger yet semi-private.

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