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Brilliant Crystal Beaded Curtains- ShopWildThings

Brilliant Octagon Beads

The "Brilliant" Bead is similar to our Diamond but it's octagon shaped and clear with no iridescent coating.

Brilliant Octagon Beads

Each octagon-shaped bead is diamond-faceted and 1/2-inch in diameter. The curtains and clear non-iridescent beaded columns arrive fully assembled on the rod. Our how-to videos will show you how easy it is to hang them in less than 5 minutes. Watch our other videos to see how they sparkle with the slightest movement.

Photographs show the dramatic effect of these Brilliant diamond-shaped bead curtains, columns and chandeliers at galas, private celebrations and outside extravaganzas. We carry gorgeous beads by the roll, table stands and all the hardware you will need for these fixtures. Our crystal columns and chandeliers can be hung from the ceiling or placed on our special centerpiece stands.

Our clear Brilliant non-iridescent beaded curtains for walls, doorways, room dividers or backdrops are each 3 feet wide. Find 28 strands on each curtain in 6-foot, 12-foot and 18-foot lengths. Our diamond-cut bead curtain in the 9-foot or 20-foot length has 34 strands. For extra-wide windows or spaces, simply hang side by side. We specialize in custom orders, too.

Our diamond-facet ceiling drapes and canopies will win applause in any setting. Our how-to video demonstrates how to quickly install on ceilings. Each curtain is 20 inches wide and 15 feet long with 30 strands per beaded ceiling drape.
Four attachment points on four attachment rods will allow two people to handily hang from a ceiling over a huge ballroom or cozy catered anniversary celebration. Heavy-duty mounting magnets are optional. Hang part from the ceiling, and allow a section to drape to the floor for a gazebo effect. They're outdoors-friendly for pavilions.

We call our octagon-shaped beaded non-iridescent chandelier Falling Stars, because it looks like stars are cascading down from the sky when it is installed. This stunning chandelier has 14 arms with 7 strands of acrylic crystal beads on each. That equals 98 strands of beads. Each bead is 1/2 inch in diameter. At the end of each strand is a 1.50-inch pendant. The diameter is 15 inches.

Visit our Decor Photo & Ideas page to see this chandelier depicted in a spectacular photo shoot by Embree Photography inspired by the hit Disney movie "Frozen." We have optional light kits to install inside and LED light saucers to place on top. It's a favorite chandelier for proms.

Create magic in an open event room space with our Brilliant square-shaped acrylic crystal non-iridescent columns. The square-shaped 18-inch frame allows you to create a column or many columns covered with 1/2-inch diamond-facet beads. Each side of the frame has 25 strands.
Find your inspiration among our delightful photos and videos of these exquisite 100-strand beaded columns on TV stages, at Hollywood galas and at private wedding receptions. They are a ShopWildThings exclusive that you won't find anywhere else. Use our optional light kits, and add our color gels to create dazzling looks. Each column includes hanging chains. Order yours in lengths of 9 feet, 14 feet or 20 feet.

• 1/2-inch acrylic crystal octagon beads
• Clear non-iridescent finish
• Optional lighting kits and hooks
• Faceted to sparkle like diamonds