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We offer professional permanent Greenery Wall Panels that are UV and FR plus beautiful & affordable options for parties and events!

We love the easy way that our Greenery Backdrops connect to one another to cover large spaces! A few styles are Fire Rated, in case you're decorating a venue that has a Fire Marshall requirement. Four of our Green Foliage Backdrops are UV Rated for up to 5 years of continuous outdoor use (which is about what you'd get from the artificial turf that is installed in homes and public spaces) - making them perfect for "permanent" professional installations. The panels are beefy, but lightweight enough that they can be installed using something as simple as a nail gun! The grids on the back have tons of attach points, making hanging them a breeze. You can make Greenery Backdrops, cover simple plywood boxes to make bars, and more! Or, consider using our greenery wall kits where we've done all the homework for you! These kits create an 8' tall by 8' wide wall and are portable. Mount on any surface or suspend from Pipe & Drape hardware to create the perfect head table or photo shoot backdrop.