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Welcome to the wonderful world of desert succulents! Full of beautiful colors and unique textures, desert flora is one of a kind and the ability to create outstanding, one of a kind decor with these marvelous plants is not only easy, but the design options are limitless! We offer sets of potted succulents that are ready to go for wedding and event centerpieces or home use and with a bit of paint, the pots can be personalized with names, event themes or logos. Perfect for party favors!

Our individual succulents showcase well in Geometric Terrariums or glass candle holders to hang or use as table decorations. Adhesive U Glu Dots help to hold your design in place. Rustic wooden boxes and even a piece of driftwood become exceptional accent pieces with these succulents. Hanging Metal Spheres combined with succulents create awesome centerpiece displays for garden parties and nature themed events and can also be used as overhead, hanging floral chandeliers.

Earthy, rustic and glamorous all in one! Made by nature and kissed by the sun, each plant seems to have its own personality with interesting characteristics, rich colors and a variety of elegantly formed leaves and spikes. The colors, shapes and qualities of these desert picks are incredibly realistic and convincing! No more frustration from over or under watering. No more pruning and primping. No more hiding from kids and animals to keep them safe and no more wasting money! Celebrate nature and celebrate the wonderful, colorful, diversified world of desert succulents!