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Misc Shaped Beaded Curtains

Rainbow Cascade, Bubble Drops, Confetti, Hearts, Dolphins, Aces and Eights...What do these shapes have in common? Well, just that they all can create the absolute most fun, interesting and totally awesome room decor anywhere! ShopWildThings has searched long and hard to find a rich variety of curtains with uniquely shaped beads and shapes, and each has their own personality and charm. This collection is just downright cheery!This amusing selection of curtains includes crystal clear beads like on our Aces & Eights which we offer in a 6 foot or 12 foot length, Bendable Floating Confetti Curtains made from lightweight PVC, Rainbow Cascade Curtains with drops so clear they look like candy(!), Bubble Drops (for lovers of pink) which features a bead within a pearly coated bead and of course our endearing curtains loading with hearts or dolphins.All of our curtains can be hung right out of the box and in no time, you'll have turned boring and to delightful and cheery!

door bead curtains