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Embossed Glass Pastel Votive Holders - Set of 3 Colors - 3.75"

Item #: 700018
Item Specifics
2 1/4 inches
3 7/8 inches
2 1/4 inches
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Item Description
Pretty pastels are here! Whether your style is rustic or chic, this set of 3 Embossed Glass Pastel Votive Holders will naturally fit in and add a touch of taste and charm! The glass is embossed in an attractive diamond pattern and the very top resembles a jar embossed with ridges. Actually these holders could also be considered small jars! Each holder is 3 7/8" tall by 2 1/4" wide and the glass is 1/8" thick. Pretty substantial! There's even a 1/4" lip at the top so you could add a ribbon without worrying that it'll fall off. The uplifting colors of cotton candy pink, scrumptious peach and yummy apricot are pleasant on their own but if you add a flameless LED tea light candle, they become a soothing source of tranquility! The warm, soft glow that comes from this trio of beauties is amazing for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, foyer or patio and it's absolute serenity in a spa or tub area. You could also float the candle or use an LED Submersible Floralyte.

There is a minimum order of 2 sets and there are 3 holders per set.

Not just for candles, they also work wonderfully to hold makeup brushes, art brushes, straws, pens, pencils and markers. Since the base is only 2 1/4" wide, it should fit perfectly on a window sill, holding dainty flowers and adorned with a ribbon on the outside!
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Embossed Glass Pastel Votive Holders - Set of 3 Colors - 3.75"
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