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LED Light Curtain - 288 Cool White LED Lights, 12 Strands, 12 ft (Fabric Optional)


  • Item #: 218333325
  • Weight: 2.20 LBS
  • Features: plug-in
  • Color Family: white,clear
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These dainty looking lights put off an AMAZING amount of light! This curtain consists of 12 strands of 288 bright white LED lights. The top of each strand features a simple "c" shaped cup hook for easy attachment to the wall, window, or beaded curtain!

Add our optional Sheer Fabric Panels to the top of these LED String Curtains for a Super-Romantic Look!

This LED Light Curtain is ideal for creating a 'Starry Night' effect for Weddings and Parties. They look positively glamorous behind sheer curtains as well.

Approximately 32" wide, 12' long strands, A/C powered (Class 2 UL Transformer included). 110V/24V 60Hz. The electrical cord is 16 Feet Long which should give you freedom to plug it in where you need to.

To hang this curtain, use the swiveling hooks located at the top of each strand. There is no rod, so you have freedom to place the strands as you'd like. See the inset photo of the hooks. It's very easy to use! This curtain weighs under 3 pounds.

Since these are LED lights, they stay nice and cool, they save energy, and the long life bulbs last over 30,000 hours! If one bulb does burn out, the others will continue to be lit.

This would be brilliant to hang behind sheer window panels too! They add just a wonderful look to any environment.

COOL WHITE means that the lights have a sort of blueish tint to them. WARM WHITE means that the lights have a yellowish soft tint to them. BOTH are LED and cool to the touch, making them perfect to safely hang just about anywhere!

This unit is designed to be individually plugged into the included Class 2 Transformer. You should not attempt to rewire the unit in order to 'Daisy Chain' or connect one to the other. The reason for this is that any LED with large numbers of lights will start to become dim as the power goes down the line. If you'd like to use several ShopWildThings LED Light Curtains at the same time, we recommend using a Surge Protector Power Strip. You will want to get a large power strip, and those that are 2-3 feet in length will have enough spacing between plugs to allow you to plug in the transformers. Some power strips will have about 6" of space in between receptacles and are designed specifically for transformers.

Safety is of utmost importance to us here at ShopWildThings. This LED Light Curtain is made to exacting specifications and is UL listed. This means that it has been through tough certifications to ensure quality materials and workmanship. UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC. (UL) is a nationally recognized testing laboratory which lists fire protection products which have been evaluated with respect to reasonably foreseeable hazards to life and property, and which pass its stringent tests and standards.

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