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Privacy Policy

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Shopwildthings, Inc. respects your right to data privacy.
When you visit our site, you may be providing information to us on two different levels about your visit: Anonymous statistics collected as you browse the site and personal information you knowingly give us when placing an order, creating an account, or signing up for our newsletter. 

Request to Remove Information: We do not sell or rent your information to anyone at any time. Every email campaign that we send out has an unsubscribe link at the bottom of it. You can be taken out of our email lists by unsubscribing, or Contact Us. If you have entered other information into our website such as creating an account, and you would like for us to remove that data, we are able to do so. Simply Contact Us, and we will delete your information from our Ecommerce platform. 

Security: At ShopWildThings, ensuring your information is private, safe and secure is our top priority. Every day, every store, every request, every visitor, every purchase, we are committed to the security of your visit. Here are a list of compliance protocols that our website platform has enabled. You can see it all at this link as well: Trust Center

CCPA California Consumer Privacy Act: You can use this law even if you don't live in California. ShopWildThings does not sell or rent your information to anyone at any time. Here is more information about CCPA: 

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation: (European Union's "Right to be forgotten") This law gives individuals the right to delete personal data if it is no longer needed by the website. Here is more information about GDPR:

Our Commitment to Your Privacy
Shopwildthings, Inc. would like to assure you that we do not:

  • Collect personal information from you unless you provide it to us.
  • Provide or sell the names and addresses of our customers [site users] to outside vendors.

Shopwildthings, Inc. does:

  • Safeguard customers' information from unauthorized access.
  • Collect, maintain and use customer information as necessary to provide the most helpful and targeted products and services to meet customers' needs (e.g. customer care or new products or services.)
  • Honor customers' requests to remove their names from our e-mail solicitation lists. (Just contact us.)
  • Honor customers' requests to remove all of their data from our system in compliance with CCPA Guidelines.Read the full Bill Text Here

Shopwildthings, Inc. values your privacy, and we reinforce this belief throughout our organization.

Information this Site Gathers/Tracks
As you browse the site,'s Web servers collect information about your visit, not about you personally. Via Web server logs, we monitor statistics such as:

  • How many people visit our site
  • Which pages people visit on our site
  • From which domains our visitors come (e.g., "" or "")
  • Which browsers people use to visit our site

While we may gather this information, none of it is associated with you as an individual. We use these statistics to improve our Web site, to monitor its performance, and to make it easier for you and other visitors to use.

This site is hosted by BigCommerce. BigCommerce hosts the store pages, ordering system, and order data. BigCommerce automatically collects order information but may only use this information in the aggregate. BigCommerce uses Secure Sockets Layer {SSL} encryption to ensure that your information will remain confidential. Shopwildthings, Inc. is constantly striving to provide excellent service to you, our customers, while building a long-lasting relationship. To achieve these goals, we occasionally need information about you when you visit our site. 

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us