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Wedding & Event Canopy Hardware - 8' Tall by 6'-10' Wide

Item #: 172013
Item Specifics
6' to 10'
adjustable width||professional grade
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Item Description
Our PROFESSIONAL-GRADE, adjustable Chuppah Hardware Kit provides an extremely stable framework to create elegant wedding and event canopies, trade show display booths, photo booths or a dressy setting for upscale photos. This portable gazebo is 8" tall and the telescoping top supports (horizontal pipes) can be 6" long up to 10" long. This means your structure can be a 6" x 6" square up to a 10" by 10" square or you can change up the horizontal lengths to create a rectangular structure. how's that for flexibility!

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This kit weighs 80 pounds and includes:
  • 8" Fixed Height Vertical Uprights, each 1.5" diameter x 4
  • 6"-10" Telescoping Drape Support w/Steel Hook Ends x 4
  • 16" x 14" Slip-Fit Base w/a 3" High Pin made from galvanized 8 gauge steel. There are 3, pin placement holes on each base x 4
Using sheer drapes, a romantic wedding ceremony haven can be set up virtually anywhere in minimal time! Use flower garlands to tie the drapes to the poles or let them hang loose. For evening events, create a soft glow by adding some String Lights. For trade show booths or other event displays, fabric string curtains are a colorful element that can easily be added and if your event requires a bit more dazzle, sparkling diamond beaded curtains simply can't be beat!

For a beach party or tropical setting, hang colorful Silk Flower Garlands or colorful bamboo curtains with pipe and drape hooks or even a plain bamboo curtain provides a neutral backdrop from which to build on. With so many decorating options and with events and ceremonies cropping up in unconventional places, this pop-up gazebo framework is hands-down, one of the most useful tools to have available and the sturdy design will make you proud to own this canopy kit!

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Wedding & Event Canopy Hardware - 8' Tall by 6'-10' Wide
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