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Wisteria Bouquet 5 Garlands (Thicker petals!) Cascading Spray - White 46"


  • Item #: 700048
  • Weight: 0.20 LBS
  • Features: bendable, draping
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Length: 46 inches
  • Color Family: white
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  • In Stock!

Artificial White Wisteria Spray, 46" Long Flowering Bouquet with 5 Cascading Garlands of flowers on a 5" Stalk

For size context: Image #1 shows 3 pcs hung next to each other. Image #2 shows 1pc hanging alone. Image #3 shows 5 pcs hung together. There are 5 "strands" of floral garland on each piece. 

Flowers play a vital role in enhancing the ambiance of weddings or events, requiring them to maintain their flawless appearance despite rough handling or unfavorable environmental conditions. Our White Flowering Wisteria Bouquet features five shoots of smooth blooms enveloping the stems. Each stem is 5" long, with two flowering shoots measuring 32" and three measuring 41", resulting in a total length of 46". Additionally, the stems are flexible at the base, allowing the bouquet to expand from 6 to approximately  12" in width.

The white layered petals and varying length shoots create dimension and volume.  This spray looks incredible from any angle and makes a stunning addition to a bridal bouquet, aisle markers or simply draped over the front of tables.  For quick yet showy floral displays, the stalk makes this an easy spray to attach to Floor or Centerpiece Risers and roman pillar columns take on a whole new look when topped with a floral arrangement, surrounded by the graceful draping wisteria shoots which can easily be added by inserting the stalks into the pre-cut holes on top of the column.

For tall floor risers and backdrop arches, these cascading shoots add a ton of volume while softening the structure; making them the ideal setting for special ceremonies while providing a fabulous floral photo backdrop.  And, floral chandeliers dripping with elegant wisteria blooms is not only visually stunning, but pretty simple to create with a multi-tiered chandelier frame.   

Versatile, elegant and picture perfect all day long. It's hard to beat effortless floral décor like our Flowering Wisteria Bouquets.

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