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Pipe & Double Drape Backdrop Hardware Kit w/Carrying Case for Poles - 4'-10' Tall x 5'-10' Wide

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  • Item #: 144888
  • Weight: 37.75 LBS
  • Features: height & width adjustable, indoor/outdoor
  • Height: 4 to 10 feet
  • Width: 5 to 10 feet
  • Color Family: black
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  • In Stock!

Pipe and Double Crossbar Drape Adjustable Backdrop Set: Adjust from 4Ft to 10Ft High and 5Ft, 7.5' and 10ft Wide with Canvas Carrying Case for Uprights and Crossbars.  Telescoping Pipe and Drape Backdrop, Complete Hardware Kit For Weddings, Events, Photo Shoots and Trade Shows, All Hardware is Semi-Shiny Black 

This backdrop is already fabricated! In stock and ready to ship from our Arizona warehouse RIGHT NOW!

Our width and height adjustable Wedding and Event Backdrop Hardware Kit provides an extremely stable framework to create elegant wedding and event backdrops, trade show display booths, a dressy setting for upscale photos or to use as a room divider. All of the hardware is powder coated semi-shiny black with a super smooth finish for ease of sliding material on & off. Fabric is sold separately.  

This portable kit comes with 2 adjustable uprights that telescope from 4' tall to 10' tall, 2 mounting brackets for the 2 adjustable crossbars (8 pcs) that telescopes and 2 weighted base plates. With the crossbar connected to the upright with the mounting brackets, the overall width can range from 5' to 10'. Each upright is 1 1/2" in diameter at the base and 1" diameter at the top and has 4 slots around the pole to hold the crossbar, add the mounting bracket to the top of the upright then you can attach the crossbars for double crossbars, it's ready for expansion lengthwise or to form a 3 or 4-sided gazebo structure. Each metal base weighs 13.30 lbs. and measures 17.5" x 17.5" by 1/8" thick.  This kit is light enough for 1 person to assemble yet strong enough to hold backdrop fabrics and more.  The telescoping design of the uprights and crossbar make for easy transportation with minimal storage space.

This kit weighs 37.75 pounds and includes:

  • 4' - 10' Adjustable Uprights, each 1 1/2-1" diameter x 2 pcs.  Each upright has 4 cutout slots to hold crossbars so this kit is designed for expansion.
  • Adjustable Crossbar x 2 pc.  When placed on the uprights, the overall width can range from 5' to 10'. 
  • Mounting Bracket x 2  
  • Weighted Black Bases x 2 pcs

Having stable framework that you can rely on is priceless and this 1 unit allows you to create endless distinctive backdrop designs!  Using sheer drapes and a light curtain on this double crossbar unit and a romantic wedding ceremony haven can be set up virtually anywhere in minimal time! Using Pipe and Drape Curtain Hooks, add a layer of luscious flower garlands or string lights on top of sheers! For trade show booths or other event displays, fabric string curtains are a colorful and classy element and if your event requires a bit more dazzle, sparkling diamond beaded curtains with a fabric rod pocket simply can't be beat! Even curtains with a plastic or wooden header rail can be hung using zip ties. 

For a beach party or tropical setting, colorful Silk Flower Garlands, string curtains or even fabric top beaded curtains make a wonderful choice. With so many decorating options and with events and ceremonies cropping up in unconventional places, this pop-up gazebo framework is hands-down, one of the most  useful tools to have available and the sturdy design will make you proud to own this backdrop kit!

NOTES:  The crossbar has 3 telescoping sections an outer, middle and inner section (each section has a stop pin so it cannot fall out or become unattached).  The uprights have top screw controls the top section which holds the crossbar and the bottom screw controls the middle section.  Regardless of the final height you need, you must loosen the top screw and slide out the innermost section to at least expose the cutout that holds the crossbar.  Each base also has a screw down knob to hold the legs.

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