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Landscape Grass Mat Runner 12" x 31 1/2"

Item #: 144605
Item Specifics
12 inches
31 1/2 inches
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Item Description
Artificial Grass Table Runner 12" x 31 1/2" Realistic Green Turf Door Mat

Our artificial Landscape Grass Mat Runner brings natures' color and energy to lifeless areas without the worry of too much heat, too much rain or too many bugs! This grassy green runner is 12" wide by 31 1/2" long by 1" tall and has a durable rubber backing which makes this mat very sturdy but it's also very flexible - it lays completely flat but willingly drapes over the side of any surface edge.

Sure, this can be used as a door mat or a pad for pet bowls but what a fun twist when it's used as a runner on buffet and dining tables or as a grassy plot to accent potted plants and flowers on window seats, in a sun room or patio! This runner is very lifelike and can be cut to adorn Terrariums and clear vases or place side by side to form a larger pad. For weddings and events, place vases, urns, roman pedestals, planters and Manzanita Trees atop this grass to add an energetic touch to your decorations and centerpieces or disguise unsightly columns at your venue by wrapping these runners around them.

For garden parties, outdoorsy, rustic or nature themed get-togethers and even for sports banquets, this is the perfect table runner! Simply lay it down and add your favorite gadgets. For spring celebrations, add a Butterfly Garland and plant your favorite desserts and treats. For an evening celebration, you won't believe how adorable Firefly Fairy Pearl Lights look! This runner also adds life and makes an interesting accent wall for flower shops, country clubs and for use in store displays. The backing is not a grid like our other flower and greenery walls but you can separate the grass and staple gun or nail it to wood. The grass is fairly thick and easily hides staples or small nails.
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Landscape Grass Mat Runner 12" x 31 1/2"
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