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Artificial Lifesize White Flowering Tree w/Buds "Adeline" - 10 Feet Tall

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  • Item #: 167167
  • Weight: 58.00 LBS
  • Features: full, sturdy, 17 bendable branches
  • Height: 10 feet
  • Width: 70 Inches
  • Color Family: white
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  • In Stock!

Artificial Lifesize White Flowering Tree w/Buds "Adeline" - 10 Feet Tall by 70 Inches Wide 

Large White Artificial Silk Leaves Flowering Tree with Buds that stands at a towering 10 Feet Tall by 70 Inches Wide, Easy Assembly, Removable Bendable Branches

This tree comes with the branches shown in the main photo but you can ALSO create an entirely different look by swapping out these branches with Interchangeable Flowering and Greenery Leaf Branches. Easily transition your events, seasons and holidays by choosing from the many styles and colors of interchangeable branches that we offer.

Who doesn't love a life-size tree to bring that wow factor to your room or event? Our "Adeline" stands an impressive 10 feet tall by 5 feet, 10 inches wide, adorned with silk leaves in colors you'll adore. This tree features 17 branches, each 32" long and bendable, allowing you to shape it as you like. The trunk, measuring 92" tall without the branches, is textured like real bark with grooves, knots, and bumps, and its color is spot on! It is attached to a 13 3/4" square metal base with 4 holes for securing it to the floor or a platform. The identical branches have metal housings on the ends that slide seamlessly into square holes on the trunk. In just 10 minutes, you can assemble this tree and spread out the bendable branches for eye-popping decor! Weighing 58 lbs, this tree is sturdy and striking.

Trees are one of nature's best gifts, and a vibrant flowering tree brings joy, visual pleasure, and a calming presence. Enhance it with butterfly garlands or Firefly Fairy Pearl Lights for a dazzling nighttime effect. For special events, it makes a lovely focal point or a picturesque photo backdrop, and it's a gorgeous addition to wedding venues! In restaurants, stores, hotels, or large venues, this tree adds elegance, vitality, and a romantic garden feel. Add some Fairy String Lights for extra charm!

From top to bottom, this is a quality made tree so that event planners and designers can relax, knowing this tree is stable and it's actually pretty easy to scootch around if you want to relocate it. To permanently install it, the base itself has 4 holes so you can secure this tree to the floor.

For sensational wedding and event decor, we work hard to get only the best so that you get only the best and our line of decorative green and flowering trees are exotic and yummy from top to bottom!

Our flowering trees and other florals are intended for indoor use, but if you choose to place them outside, please be sure the area is dry and protected from moisture.  To reduce UV exposure, we advise using a UV floral protectant spray which has a clear finish and protects silk & dried flowers from fading and discoloration caused by damaging UV light rays with a bonus benefit of helping to avoid dust and dirt from settling on the petals!

Please note: When gathering the dimensions for our  flowering trees, we take care and time to make sure our advertised measurements are true to the sample we're actually measuring. However, since these are a handmade item, the height, width, trunk & branch shape are not identical from tree to tree; and they aren't intended to be identical. Therefore, the height you receive may vary slightly from the stated height and if you order more than 1 tree, they may not be exactly the same height.   Consequently, the actual number of petals per tree may vary.

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