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Wooden Bead Curtain - "Foster Black & Red" - 35" x 69" - 19 Strands

Item #: 124057
Item Specifics
35 inches
5 3/4 feet
19 strands
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Item Description
Easily add a unique look to a doorway, window or wall with this Wooden Beaded Curtain "Foster Black & Red" in always trendy black with a nice pop of cherry red! Full of decorative wood beads in 3 varying styles, this curtain is 35" wide by 69" long (5.75") and has 19 strands about 1" apart. This distinctive curtain adds a ton of visual interest and is chalked full of high quality wooden beads. The black beads are 1/4" wide, accented with 5/8" and 1" wide red balls with a chestnut colored finishing bead that's 1 1/2" long. If you prefer a smaller bead or a complementary curtain, the colors and style of Marco Black & Red matches beautifully!

If 35" isn't wide enough, simply hang 2 side by side (please see the instructional video). If 35" is too wide, the black wooden header rod can be trimmed to fit without damaging the curtain since each strand is individually placed into the header rod! This style is effortless to walk through and the sound of the beads is rather soothing! Of course, you could tie off one or both sides to create a pathway. The ease of hanging them straight out of the box makes them a quick and enjoyable way to dress up any room, doorway or window! it's amazing how transformative a decorative curtain really is and our wood curtains also make wonderful backdrops or room dividers. As with all natural materials, no two pieces are identical so you may notice a slight variance in strand lengths. This curtain weighs 3.9 lbs.

If you've got questions, consult our expert in-house staff. We've been selling the highest-quality beaded curtains available to movie production companies, theater stage designers, top party planners and individual customers since 1989. Along the way, we have become the world's leading and most trusted online seller of curtains, canopies, chandeliers, backdrops and event lighting.
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Wooden Bead Curtain - "Foster Black & Red" - 35" x 69" - 19 Strands
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