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Centerpiece Riser - "The Boost" - 29" Tall (Use to Elevate Your Displays!)


  • Item #: 997002
  • Weight: 0.60 LBS
  • Features: tabletop
  • Color Family: clear
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  • In Stock!

We're making your life easy. Sorry, we can't come stay at your place and help you set up your event but we can do the next best thing: provide a problem-solving (and inexpensive!) solution that will make your tables POP!

Use our handy new Chandelier Riser in the center of a table. Put any chandelier or Decor item on the 6" round top, and you're pretty much done!

This is an item that you will use again and again. You can change the look dramatically just by changing the light colors, the chandelier, floral etc!

There is an opening on the top AND on the bottom that's made to fit our Acolyte Submersible LED Floralytes! or you might decide to add an LED Light strand around the center tube. Place one of our chandeliers on top. Add floral on top of that if you like, or just use a chandelier and you can add one of our LED Saucers! There are so many options! So many of our chandeliers work beautifully on top of these. Even the longer chandeliers can have their beads "puddled" on the base, which looks spectacular.

You might consider filling the center tube with diamond confetti or Floralytes that come on a string. What's great about the size of the opening is that they will easily take our Floralytes inside! Just pop a Floralyte in the bottom and light up this tube as the photo shows.

On the top, if you want A LOT of light you can even place one of our LED Light Saucers on top to illuminate your display. They fit PERFECTLY!!!

This unit comes with five pieces: the base (clear) is 12" diameter, the center piece that can hold floral, lighting, or nothing is 6" in diameter and the top(clear) is 6" diameter. There are 2 tubes: the bottom one is 18" tall and the top one is 8".

To assemble, just place the 12" base on the table. Insert the 18" tube. Put a 6" plate on top. Put 8" tube on top of that. Place 6" plate on top of 8" tube. 2 minutes and you're done!

Please Note: For our 29" and 39" Boost Kits, we recommend filling up the tube with some weight or gluing the bottom plate to a wide mirror to increase stability. You might also choose to glue the parts together for added stability. You will want to tape the chandelier frame to the top plate so that it does not slip around and also tape the LED Saucer to the top of the Chandelier. This will allow you to feel comfortable that the tall centerpiece kits will not topple over during your event. For tape, we love using U Glu Dashes (we sell it) because they are super sticky and are hardly visible. It's like that sticky stuff that comes on the back of a new credit card in the mail.

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