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Glam the Tent with Lights and Chandeliers

Design Dissection:  Glam the Tent with Lights and Chandeliers
Design Dissection:  Glam the Tent with Lights and Chandeliers
We get so many questions about how the best designers create amazing signature spaces inside everyday venues, and especially in tents that begin as giant white boxes. Let's take a look inside this glam affair to see how the inimitable Colin Cowie transformed a tent into a reception that sparkles.

Two elements that Colin Cowie employs brilliantly are event lighting and fabric. The alternating strips of fabric that drape the inside of the tent, paired with gorgeous event lighting, do much of the heavy lifting required to change the look of this tent completely.

Within that stunning backdrop, Chandeliers and disco balls complete the look of a custom venue rather than a boxy tent. These pieces are durable and reusable, and a few of them go a long way, whether you're going the DIY route or are a designer building your arsenal of staple design pieces.

On the tabletops, candles in different sizes and heights, in combination with rich fuchsia florals add an element of romance. To get this look, mix votives, vases, and pillar candle holders while choosing a single hue for the candles themselves. Intersperse Candelabras for an added dimension on select tables. Build your centerpieces on display mirrors for even more design power with minimal additional cost. These mirrors another super useful design staple that you can use again and again, and candlelight in particular plays fabulously off Mirrors ~ they're a little trick of the trade for adding light and ambience.

We hope that you've enjoyed this little peek inside the look that a top shelf designer like Colin Cowie achieves by transforming a plain Jane venue with vision + design staples. We'd love to see how you implement your design ideas, too. Email us your pics, and you just might find your business featured here on our design blog.