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COMING SOON! Full Kit Adjustable 7-12 Feet Tall Curved Chandelier or Cake Hanger - Professional - 24" x 24" Base, Coupler, Riser, Arch

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  • Item #: 183037
  • Weight: 23.00 LBS
  • Features: free standing, super heavy duty
  • Height: 7 - 12 Feet Adjustable
  • Diameter: 2 Inches
  • Color Family: silver
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Curved Chandelier or Suspended Cake Pipe and Drape Adjustable Display Kit  7-12 Feet Tall with Base and Curved Crossbar for Hanging Chandeliers/Crystal Columns/Suspended Cake Displays. 

Hang Chandeliers and other decor from the hook. The pole can be adjusted so that the hook is anywhere from 86" off the ground all the way to 148" off of the ground! 

Included in your order will be 
3 boxes: pole box is 87x4x4", base box is 24x24x1", chandelier hanger and coupler & hook box is 38x20x2"

  • 1 Pole: 7-12 Feet Tall Professional Pipe and Drape Annodized Aluminum with Slip-Fit Adjustment
  • 1 Black Powder Coated Base 24" x 24" (Don't settle for cheap metal silver bases. They make a mess on your hands, clothes, floors!)
  • 1 Pin 6" Long to hold the base and the pole - this will be stored inside of the pole when it arrives
  • 1 Clamp to hold Curved Chandlier Hanger to Upright
  • 1 Curved Chandelier Hanger with Hook

Make our Chandeliers/Floral Chandeliers stand alone with our super-heavy-duty Riser Stand Kits. Sometimes venues would prefer that you not hang from their ceilings, so we're answering that call! This carefully chosen kit will allow you to use our popular Hanging Chandeliers as a freestanding decoration without the fear of having them tip-over. Safety is a huge concern for all event planners.

You will get a telescoping slip collar two piece upright, a heavy base that's 24" x 24", a 2" wide by 6" tall pin (for the ultimate in stability for the large chandeliers), and our patent pending Column Cross-bar system that we've developed especially to hold ShopWildThings columns on top of these risers. 

We have carefully chosen the parts in this kit to be easy to use, very heavy-duty, and to last event after event. The bases and pins are designed to easily support the weight of our heaviest Chandeliers or even a Cake! 

The upright is ultra-strong anodized aluminum and 2" in diameter on the outside. It can be adjusted to the desired height by simply adjusting the inner pipe upward. You'll raise the inner pipe and the locking ball bearing inside will make it easy to lock it in place.

PLEASE NOTE: This product does not include Chandeliers or Cake. 

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