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CUSTOM Giant 6' Diameter Chandelier Frame - Pick Your Beads, Length, Tiers - Made in USA!

Custom Order - Please call 928.855.6075 or click the link below for a Custom Order Quote.

  • Item #: 660054
  • Weight: 20.00 LBS
  • Diameter: 6 feet
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Our Giant 6 Foot Diameter Chandelier Frames with 3 Tiers & Professional Rigging are used to create any structure you need. We can use your choice of beads, and whatever length you need. You can fill up all three tiers of beads in varying length or all in the same length. If you need to conserve budget, we can just create a giant single column and leave the inside tiers empty.

ShopWildThings is the secret weapon for Set Decoration teams around the globe. Our fabrication team is based right here in our Arizona location to to bring your visions to life! 

Chandelier pricing will vary depending on the beads that you choose. The frame is not available for individual sale.  To get a quote, please contact us by calling 928-855-6075 or by sending us an email to You may also click on the Green "Custom Order Today" button above and fill out the form. This will send an e-mail to us to that we may contact you to cheerfully answer your questions and provide a quote to you.  (The $1.00 price that may have shown on the Custom Category page is a placeholder so that we can publish this page.  It is not the price of this item once we have fabricated it.) Lead times for Custom Projects vary based on design time, complexity, and current fabrication department work load. We will do everything that we can to meet your needs and we are EXTREMELY careful about deadlines of any kind. If we promise a job by a certain date, we twist ourselves into pretzels to make it happen. 

Look at this page to see the Beads that we carry in stock: ShopWildThings Available Beads

This 6 Foot Frame comes in 4 pie-shaped wedges that bolt together to create a large circle. There are 3 tiers inside of the circle and we can add whatever beads in whatever length and style that you prefer.  We can mix real and acrylic beads, PVC beads...the possiblities are endless! The hanging  apparatus is made using heavy duty aircraft cables and heavy duty connectors for strength and   stability. 

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