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Custom Top & Bottom Rod Swagging Curtains - For Walls or Ceilings

Item #: crystalswagcurtains
We can make Top and Bottom Rod Custom Curtains for you in any bead style or length that you choose! We make these to order in the USA! Our fabrication studios are right here in Arizona where American workers will create your custom item with pride. Read more in the item description area below.
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Pricing for Custom Top and Bottom Rod Curtains vary depending on the configuration that you need. You will choose the curtains that we have from stock, or choose to have us make something entirely different for you using beads and strands of your choice. We just need to know what you'd like for us to make and we will provide a quotation for you.
Item Description
Crystal Swagging Curtains are a beautiful way to decorate the ceiling at your next event. They also look spectacular when swagged behind a head table as Sisters Floral did in the photo example.

NOTE: The Sisters Floral photo uses long curtains and to make the swag, they tied the curtains to each other and let the excess strands hang below, giving the illusion of a swag (BRILLIANT). However, with our solution to add rods to the end of each curtain, you can accomplish the same look with HALF the number of curtains.

You can choose any* of our Beaded Curtains that we have in our stock. Even if you want a swagging curtain in a length that you can't find on our site, we will make it for you! Need curtains that are 30 feet long with a rod on the top and the bottom to fill up the ceiling at a huge venue? YOU found ShopWildthings...let us handle the rest!

Want us to make Swagging Curtains out of Real Glass Crystals? Let us know! We're magical around here, we'll get it done!

We also offer our Beautiful Diamonds Crystal Ceiling Drapes that are pre-made and ship immediately. The link is to the right. They come with or without lights. They have 4 swags already in them. Choose to have us make a CUSTOM Swagging curtain when you need larger swags & a customized look!

*Wood and bamboo curtains are unable to be customized at this time
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Custom Top & Bottom Rod Swagging Curtains - For Walls or Ceilings
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