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Variegated Greenery Wall Mat - 10" Square


  • Item #: 144693
  • Weight: 0.25 LBS
  • Features: hang, bend, cut
  • Height: 1 inch
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Color Family: green
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  • In Stock!

Variegated Shrubbery Landscape Leaf Wall 10" Square Mat Artificial Foliage

Create lush vertical gardens and turn unattractive, featureless areas into gorgeous green spaces with our easy to use Variegated Shrubbery Wall Mat! This mat features dainty ruffled foliage in varying shades of green representing new and mature growth. Each mat is a 10" square and the leafy growth is approx. 1" deep. Each mat weighs 4 oz. and the green plastic grid on the backside makes this a dream to hang, staple and cut. This mat is so flexible you can completely bend it to cover rounded surfaces or corners!

There is a minimum order of 2 wall mats.

Green says life, green says lush, green says thriving and the attractive look of boxwood makes this mat an instant problem solver for those less than pleasant areas that need refurbished to a stylish, luxurious garden haven! Plants reduce anxiety and produce a calming effect, so very much needed in todays hectic lifestyles. Easy to trim, contrast with Flower Wall Mats to create a textural design or pattern.

Simply staple it to a wall or use wire ties to attach to a framework. Pipe and drape hooks also work well in certain applications. The grid makes attaching florals, Fairy String Lights or Firefly Pearls a snap so you don't even have to leave your back yard to relax in your own flourishing spa-like garden area!

Conceal columns or turn flower boxes and bars into vibrant green features. Transform event halls and wedding receptions into garden sanctuaries. Cover walls, screens and lattice work, camouflage doors and fences or use to convert stage backdrops into a wall of lively greenery. Insert dangling vines for a dimensional look or form a logo or monogram with Bendable Foam Roses. Your garden oasis awaits!

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