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Interchangeable Replacement Blush Pink & Peach Piano Rose & Blossom Branch – 52" (Or Hanging Wall Cover!)


  • Item #: 167096
  • Weight: 1.00 LBS
  • Features: bendable, use on faux trees, trunk not included
  • Width: 12 to 24 inches
  • Length: 52 inches
  • Color Family: pink
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  • In Stock!

Artificial Piano Rose & Blossom Branch, 52" Blush Pink, Peach & Pale Yellow Spray with Large Flowers & Leaves on 3 Bendable Stems.  Interchangeable to Use on Flowering Trees with Removable Branches, on Floral Risers, on Wedding and Event Backdrop Arches and Arbors. Trunk Not Included.

Our multifunctional Piano Rose and Blossom Branch is 52" and has 3 bendable stems, each with multiple offshoots loaded with huge beautiful blooms and leafy greenery! The color scheme on this spray is beautiful, refreshing and lively while the unique look of a piano rose (with outer rose petals and peony-like centers) is an appealing  feature.  Some roses are peachy pink, some have pale yellow outer petals with light pink centers, and the dark green leaves give the perfect contrast.  It's gorgeous!  The roses are 3 1/2" in diameter and the blossoms are 2".  The natural (out of the bag) width is approx. 12" but can be spread to 24" or even more if desired. This branch comes with the stems molded together but they can easily be pulled apart.  This allows you to choose a more compact look vs. spread out.  There is a 1 1/2" long, metal housing on 1 end which is designed to slide into the square holes on a flowering tree trunk, but it can also be used anytime there's a need for elegant, floral décor! 

Create an awesome Multi-Color Piano Rose and Blossom Tree with this spray by using it on 1 of our Artificial Flowering Trees with Removable Branches.  These trees come with their own branches but from event to event, or as the seasons and holidays change, you can create an entirely different look by simply swapping out those branches for this one! For a playful, fantasy world tree, using the same style of branch (or not), mix the colors!  This branch has an amazing amount of depth and dimension; all of the stems and shoots are bendable so you can manipulate it into distinct looks.  The flowers and leaves can literally be positioned, resulting in an incredibly full display.

Not just for trees, this branch adds an exceptional floral element to Floor and Tabletop Risers while using on Wedding Arches, Gazebos and Garden Arbors provides the perfect backdrop for event ceremonies and photos.  This is a hefty branch designed to somewhat drape over and it will not retain an upright position unless it's attached to a frame or structure.  Therefore, we recommend to use only on large, sturdy risers and arches.   If using in a planter or urn, you will need to support or stake it. The metal housing on this branch is fairly easy to hide and using our powerful magnet hooks, adding this gorgeous branch to metal structures means quick and effortless decorating!

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