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COMING SOON! Fairy String Eiffel Vase Lights - 20 Warm White LEDs - Waterproof - 7' - Coin Battery


  • Item #: 147006
  • Weight: 0.06 LBS
  • Features: waterproof, great for small areas
  • Width: 1/8 inch
  • Length: 7 feet
  • Color Family: silver,white
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Our submersible LED Fairy Light Strand is 7' long and only 1/8" wide, has 20 Warm White LED's on a skinny bendable wire, is submersible and has a tiny battery pack! So, there's only about a million places to use this kind of strand! It's just so handy and versatile, making it a very popular lighting option for florists, event coordinators, wedding planners, craft and hobby enthusiasts!

LEDs last a long time and stay cool to the touch so they're the smart choice when you need decorative accent lighting. This strand is so tiny and flexible and it's easy to hide it in small cracks and crevices not to mention hiding it in floral Decor and centerpiece designs. We love it in Eiffel Tower Vases because the 20 LEDs produce light from top to bottom and you just fold the wire, insert it into the vase and even the battery pack fits in the top of the vase! The strand is so thin that there's still plenty of room to add feathers, flowers, sprays and picks. The wire is made of copper but the color is silver and the flexibility allows this strand to fit into virtually any vase.

Each 7' strand has 20 warm white LED lights spaced 4" apart and they are so intense they even shine through our black Eiffel Vases! Illuminate bouquets, floral arrangements and tulle, wrap around trees, wedding arches, ice sculptures and they're ideal for adding class and elegance to any centerpiece! Since you can bend or fold the wire, these strands are also ideal for projects, displays, areas or costumes where you need a compact strand.

The battery unit measures 2" long by 1" wide and it's only 1/4" high - very flat and easy to conceal. It has an on/off toggle switch and comes with 2 CR2032 replaceable batteries. Before using, open the pack and remove the plastic strip so the batteries can engage. The strand is waterproof but since the batteries are replaceable, the pack is not sealed and needs to be kept dry. So as awesome as this looks immersed in jelly Decor, take care to keep battery unit dry!

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