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LED Taper Candle, Flickering, Automatic Timer - Set of 2 - White - Battery Operated

Item #: 119019
Item Specifics
3/4 inch
11 inches
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Item Description
Set of 2 Flameless LED Flickering Candles, Battery Operated 11" White Tapers with Built-In Timer, Lasts 400 Hours, Smooth Finish

Soft flickering candlelight always makes us feel warm, comfortable and cozy and who doesn't like that! The only thing better is when those candles are safe, clean, reusable AND come with an automatic timer like our Set of 2, Battery Operated LED Taper Candles! Each candle is 11" tall above the base and the base is 3/4" wide. The amber colored flickering flame is 1 3/4" tall. Each candle requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) which insert into the base. Simply twist the base clockwise and the automatic timer kicks on for 6 hours, then turns off for 18 and voila, this process will automatically repeat itself! To reset the timer, twist the base counter-clockwise until the candle is off.

Battery operated candles are the perfect solution for those times where you just don't feel safe using real fire candles (got any little ones or furry ones running around?) AND they're perfect for outdoor events (bring on the wind but no precip, please)! These LED candles look awesome in candelabras, on mantles and they're a dream for weddings, receptions, romantic events and around the house! Use with a tall candelabra like our Real Crystal "Paris" to create a grand focal point or centerpiece. Highlight a corner or anchor an aisle using floor candelabras like Frances.

You can also create an awesome centerpiece by securing these tapers in a medium height vase or bowl with pearls, clear or colored crystal diamond confetti, pebbles or even sand. Since these are flameless, you can embellish your creation with floral sprays, tree branches, feathers or tulle. An essential item like white flameless candles that can be used in so many ways is truly a must have decorating stable. Skip the hassle of unsafe, messy wax candles and start enjoying the convenience of LED Flameless Candles!

The bulbs have a lifetime of 400 hours but this can vary depending on the brand of battery.
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LED Taper Candle, Flickering, Automatic Timer - Set of 2 - White - Battery Operated
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