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Add sparkling effects to production sets, galas and weddings with our unmatched collections of beautiful crystal garlands and hanging pendants in every color. We carry premium-quality acrylic crystal garlands at ShopWildThings in dozens of sizes and shapes. Adjusting the length is easy, since most of our crystal beads are attached with thin jump rings. Remove jump rings to shorten, or add jump rings and more strands to lengthen.

Decorate stage sets, outdoor festivals, wedding receptions, bridal showers, birthday parties and anniversary celebrations. Add dazzle to retail window displays or nightclub entrances. Transform an ordinary deck into the setting for a fabulous cocktail party.

Choose our octagon clear beads that are faceted to look like diamonds. Let them cascade from railings, centerpieces or candleholders. To Decorate a wedding tree, one of our customers, a leading event planner, draped the tree with strands of diamond-cut acrylic crystal strands clear crystal acrylic hanging pendants.

We also carry crystal garlands in your choice of clear, red, blue, jet black, pink or purple acrylic beads. Create a solid color theme, or create a mix of colors.

Our collections of acrylic pendants have been purchased for use at formal parties and to Decorate bedrooms in private homes. Each is faceted to produce a prism effect that catches and reflects light. Hang them from wedding arches, centerpieces, candleholders or light fixtures.

Our raindrop-shaped "Miranda" acrylic pendants are available in sets of 24 to hang from wedding trees or chandeliers. Choose tiny clear pendants or larger acrylic pendants in sizes ranging up to 2 inches in diameter. Our real-glass icicle hanging ornaments range in length from 4.75 to 7 inches. Create a special effect with 7.5-inch teardrop ornaments.

We carry charming diamond ring-shaped hanging ornaments and faux mercury glass drop ornaments in antique silver and gold. Choose an elegant pendant with our hanging fleur-de-lis ornaments in silver glitter or gold and champagne glitter. Decorate a centerpiece or entryway with our gold or silver glitter hanging candelabra ornament. It's 16 inches high.

Go retro with our shiny silver hanging disco ball ornaments. You can also order our acrylic crystal pendants available in more than a dozen sheer colors by the 130-piece bag.

  • Roll of beads and diamond wrap are great for DIY weddings and special events
  • Adjusting the size of crystal garlands and strands is a snap because they're made with removable jump rings
  • Crystal pendants are constructed from high-quality acrylic material
  • Our Decorative glass balls come in three different sizes: 60 millimeter, 80 millimeter and 100 millimeter

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