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Cameo Geometric Aluminum Metal Chain Curtain 35 in x 6 ft (Rust Proof/Fireproof)

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  • Item #: 999055
  • Weight: 2.50 LBS
  • Strand Count: 34 strands
  • Features: Rust-Proof, Fire-Proof, Custom Sizes Available
  • Width: 35 inches
  • Length: 6 feet
  • Color Family: silver,gold,black
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  • In Stock!

Geometric Chain Beaded Curtain Curtain: Stock Size 35" Wide x 6' Long With 34 Strands, OR Your Custom Specifications, Proudly Made to Order in the USA at ShopWildThings in Arizona!  Please allow 5 business days to fabricate. Call us for Custom Sizes or to mix Chain & Bead types! 

WANT A CUSTOM SIZE RATHER THAN THIS 3x6? Want more Chain? Less Chain? Add Crystals? A totally different size in length or width?  Want the top to be Bendable Metal or a Fabric Top? Want grommets? We can do anything.If you'd like this made in your own custom size, please let us know. The Cameo Chain is $10.00 per square foot. If you need a 3' wide x 10 feet long, that's 30 sqaure feet and the price would be $300.00 The headrail will be Silver no matter which color chain you get unless you request a matching rod in which case we will paint the header for you for a small additional charge. To inquire about a custom Cameo Chain call us at 928-855-6075 or Send Us Your Measurements. 

Aluminum is Rust Proof and Fire Proof, making it perfect for commercial installations.

A Note About Intallation Spaces for The Cameo Chain: this Cameo style is best suited for areas where there is either light traffic, or if it's hanging in a window or against a doorway. Placing it between stations at a salon is fine, too. The reason that we bring this up is because the bottom part of the strands of this style tend to get "stuck" to each other when they "bang around" alot. They don't "tangle", necessarily, but strands can sort of clump together. They can be pulled apart with your fingers in seconds. If you're needing this for a high-traffic pass-through area, you might consider our Steel BallChain or Lynx style curtains which are perfect for passing through multiple times per day (or hour!).

Choose Your Color: Metallic Silver, Metallic Copper, Metallic Gold or Solid Black.

Our geometric cameo chain is aluminum which has the look and feel of real metal without the cost and weight, making them a super attractive option to accentuate doors, walls or windows and they're an exciting option to traditional drapes and curtains.  They also make a classy room divider to separate or veil areas without completely blocking them out.  The cameo links are 1" long by 1/2" wide and the strands hang from a straight metal rail that matches the color of the cameo links (if you'd like the head rail to be a different color, please contact us).  The head rail is very sturdy and measures 35" long by 2" tall and there is a 1/4" lip across the entire back for quick and easy hanging. The powder coated finish is super sharp and upgrades the entire look to a sleek and refined custom accent curtain.

Our entire line of chain curtains add a sophisticated look wherever they are hung and if hanging over a doorway, they are easy to walk through or tie back the strands to create a unique entryway.



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