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Glass Decorative Balls - Candle Holders

Glass Decorative Balls - Candle Holders

Elegant and versatile, our selection of hanging glass globes is an amazing way to bring a gorgeous, but subtle touch to ambiance of any special event. At ShopWildThings, one of our favorite ways to add a special touch to your special event is with our hanging glass globes; they are simply one of those Decorations where you can't go wrong, and with our inventory it is easy to find the perfect glass balls for your event.

Our standard round glass balls come as sets of six and in three different sizes: 60 millimeter, 80 millimeter and 100 millimeter. We also have a spherical object that is considered more of a terrarium that comes as a set of one and is 4.75" in diameter (these are perfect for both hanging and as a table top Decoration).

For a nice twist on the classic round variety, the hanging oval shaped Decorations are a fantastic variety. These are also sold in sets of six and come in three different sizes: 40 millimeter, 60 millimeter and 80 millimeter. We also offer an amazing beaded curtain that is beaded with just crystal balls. This curtain creates a beautiful cascading bubble effect wherever it is hung.

The beauty and utility of our hanging glass balls is by no means limited to weddings or special events. We've had customers rave about how they add that something special to the ambiance in their master baths and on window treatments. Like many of our products, when you apply your imagination to their potential, it is amazing how they can enhance your home and life.

If you do not see what you are looking for on this page, please call us. One of our professional, knowledgeable team members will be happy to help you find the perfect hanging glass balls for your special event or home Decoration needs.

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