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Spangles Beaded Curtain - Yellow Gold - 3ft x 6ft

Item #: 144622
Item Specifics
35 1/2 inches
71 inches
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Item Description
Round Yellow Gold Disc Beaded Curtain - made with PVC which is inherently fire proof! See the video to view the incredible work of art that New Life Church made with the silver version of these beaded curtains. They took the curtains apart and made a huge cross for their stage!

Our beautiful "Spangles" Yellow Gold circles beaded curtain is made out of awesome metallic PVC circles and is super lightweight. The Metallic PVC Circles are 1 1/2" in diameter and there are 10 strands, each 70" long. The light gray header rod is 35 1/2" wide and comes with 2 plastic eyelets that slide back and forth along the rod. Each circle is attached to the next using jump rings, which makes this curtain very easy to make longer if you wish. You'd just purchase additional curtains and add the strands using the jump rings. Easy as pie!

This shimmery style of curtain adds pizazz to any wall and makes a marvelous photo backdrop or a stage prop but it also works great in an active doorway since the lightweight strands part so easily. With a little bit of breeze, it will shimmer which makes the room really come alive! This curtain is one of the easiest and quickest ways to add colorful fun to any room making it ideal for decorating store fronts or parties and events. Lightweight, super quick hanging time, cheerful and inexpensive. Gotta love those Spangles!

Shop for fun and happy party & event décor like our metallic gold curtain that's super lightweight and hangs in minutes. Use on a wall or in a doorway, as a stage or photo backdrop.
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Spangles Beaded Curtain - Yellow Gold - 3ft x 6ft
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