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Floral Riser - 3 Tier Shiny Gold Metal Harlow Stand Solid Top - 12"W x 75"H

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  • Item #: 800253
  • Weight: 20.15 LBS
  • Features: floor standing, very sturdy
  • Height: 75 inches
  • Width: 12 inches
  • Color Family: gold
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  • In Stock!

High Quality Floral Riser, 3 Tier Metal Stand, 75" Tall by 12" Wide Shiny Gold Decorative Event Display Shelf

Super impressive top to bottom, this trendy riser knocks it out of the park when it comes to looks, height, quality and durability! Sleek and modern, it stands 75" tall (6' 3") by 12" wide and the mirror-like finish and shine is magnificent. There is 35" between the top and center shelf and 36" between the center and bottom shelf. The bottom shelf has a heavy duty weight attached to ensure maximum stability of this towering beauty (although it can be removed).

The vast amount of space between the shelves is a spectacular way to showcase tall vases and floral arrangements or even small flowering trees. For those who love cascading greenery and garlands, this riser is the ultimate vehicle. There is 9 3/4" between the legs and 13 1/2" on the diagonal. Create a stunning ensemble by combining this size with our matching 42" and 60" tall risers.

Approx 1/2 hour of assembly is required. No tools are necessary.

Assembly hardware you will receive:
(4) hex nuts and washers
(8) threaded rods and double ended threaded connectors
(12) single ended threaded connectors

This riser has to be assembled starting with the top tier, bottom side up. The top tier has no holes and 4 connectors attached to its underside. So it won't get scratched, place it bottom side up on a towel or rug.

Prepare the poles
Using the diagram provided, screw the upper and lower poles together using the double ended connectors.

Attach Upper Poles to top tier
Screw the poles into the bottom of the top tier.
Screw a single ended connector into each pole then screw a threaded rod into each connector. Place the center tier, upside down, over the rods.

Attach Lower Poles to center tier
Screw a single ended connector into each pole.
On the other end of the pole, screw in a single ended connector then screw a threaded rod into each connector.
Screw the poles onto the rods on the center tier.

Finish - The bottom base plate is weighted. Before attaching it, put the riser on its side.
Place the bottom tier over the rods and secure the poles with a washer and nut.

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