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Grapevine Wreath 24" Round - Premium, Ultra-Deluxe (hang & drape with floral/crystals)

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24 inches
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Item Description
Winter, spring, summer or fall, a Grapevine Wreath is a fun and easy item to decorate and you can alter the appearance to fit any occasion, celebration, holiday or message you wish to convey! Create a hanging wreath chandelier, hang from a mantel, wall, door or shepherds hook or craft a centerpiece. So versatile and when you combine that with the sturdiness of a grapevine plant, you've got an ideal crafters and DIY tool that you can use over and over, all year long, inside and out! This round wreath is 24" in diameter, 3" deep (thick) and the width of the ring is approx. 4".

Design a grand hanging chandelier for weddings, showers, garden parties, holiday festivities or create a unique centerpiece. There are so many cool ways to use this grapevine garland and so many ways to decorate it! Below are some ideas on materials to use to fashion a magnificent, one-of-a-kind wreath extravaganza!

Envision a hanging chandelier that's dripping with gorgeous floral sprays, crystal pendants or ornaments and accented with LED lights! Use Plumeria, Wisteria, Orchids or Amaranthus sprays, hang some sparkling crystals and add fairy string lights, fairy firefly pearls or hang glass tea light holders like Marleigh or our hanging Prestige crystal votive holders! Then attach ribbon, twine or chain to the wreath and you just made your own chandelier! SOPHISTICATED!

Adorn dinner and buffet tables with colorful, festive centerpieces! Encircle flameless LED candles, try an LED bendable organza ribbon or secure LED flameless flickering tapers with glue or wedge between the vines. Add some color with floral sprays, moss or evergreen strands and add some sparkle with crystal garlands and strands! ELEGANT!

For walls and doors, design a wreath to hang inside or out and by using LED lights, crystal ornaments, signs or symbols like our Faith, Hope & Love Garland, fabulous silk flowers and hanging floral sprigs along with your marvelous imagination, a stylish and impressive hanging wreath is just moments away! AWESOME!

You can also spray paint or spray glitter these natural vines so from rustic to elegant, from ceiling to floor, this handy and versatile Grapevine Wreath is the perfect starting point for unique and classy decorations!
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Grapevine Wreath 24" Round - Premium, Ultra-Deluxe hang & drape with floral/crystals
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