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Grassy Vine - Dangling Green Spray 3'

  • Item #: 143048
  • Weight: 0.20 LBS
  • Features: draping||hanging
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Length: 3 feet
  • Color Family: green
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Luscious greenery adds so much depth and life to any floral decor and our Artificial Grassy Vine Spray, flowy and flourishing, complements neutral and colorful flowers, adds texture to any arrangement and fills a lot of space while broadening your display! This cascading vine effortlessly creates marvelous draping centerpieces and it's so versatile. Let it tumble down tall vases like a Tall Mermaid Centerpiece Vase or garnish a Grecian Planter.

Each vine is 3' long with 5 primary shoots. This spray is completely flexible and bendable and the width depends on how much you fan it out but it can range from approx. 4" wide to 10" wide. The stem is 4" long and the dangling spray is 32" long. The grassy strands add a lot of texture and the stem and spray are medium green and dark green.

This dangling vine is such a marvelous spray by itself and it's just so easy to add color and life to bookcases and shelves by simply inserting it into any open space. You can even cut the shoots to fit small vases and terrariums. Vines draping off an overhead frame like Metal Band Spheres or a vine frame like Giverny can totally change any room or setting and of course Garden Arches and Pillar Columns, which have insert holes on the top, are made to be adorned with succulent greenery and flowers.

Reliable and attractive plants and greenery for your big event are priceless assets. Save time, simplify your efforts and find what you need from our wide variety of floral choices and accessories!
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