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Candle Holders - Tabletop, Hanging, Floor Standing

Candle Holders - Tabletop, Hanging, Floor Standing

It's true that soft candlelight is a backbone of any romantic setting, especially an evening or nighttime wedding. Our huge selection of event candle holders is sure to have exactly what you need in order to ensure your event's candles are cased in as elegant a way as possible.

Popular Candle Holder Categories: For a minimalist look, we have glass tea light holders (that can double as table top decorations) that showcase the candle in a way that makes it look like it's floating. This is one of the most popular styles in since it is a look that can blend into any event theme. We also have hanging glass candle holders with a little bit of hardware so that you can still get a beautiful floating look, but can see how the candle is hanging from its support.

Looking for something that is a little more exotic? We have a variety of hanging lanterns that embody the spirit of beautiful, far-off places such as Morocco and France. We also have amazing glass candle holders that combine the best of two worlds: candle holders that look like beautiful hanging chandeliers. The way that the candle light dances through the faceted beads on these pieces will captivate all of your guests and provide a beautiful glow over your nuptials or special event.

Our options don't stop at hanging candle holders. We also offer a large selection of elegant crystal standing candle holders, table top candle holders that range from elegant to rustic and many other selections that can be placed on the floor, wall or table.

If you do not see what you are looking for on this page, please call us. One of our professional, knowledgeable team members will be happy to help you find the perfect candle holder for your special event.