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Metal Wedding Arch "Amore" Heart | 7'5"H x 7'3"W - Heavy Duty

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87 inches
89 inches
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Item Description
7.4'H x 7.3'W Metal Heart Shaped Backdrop Frame, 3D Freestanding White Wedding & Photo Arch, Quality Construction, Minimal Assembly Time, Easy to Decorate with Tulle, Flowers, Garlands & Crystal Strands

The harmony of our White Heart Frame "Amore" and a blissfully happy couple, blend together for a picture-perfect, fairytale event that is sure to be a celebratory start for many wonderful memories to come! This really is the perfect wedding backdrop to set the tone for an enchanting day. "Amore" stands 7 feet 5 inches tall by 7 feet 3 inches wide and is 5 inches deep. The base is 47 1/2" long by 11 3/4" wide and this arch stands completely on its own. The framework is made with 3/4" in diameter metal tubing and there are 16 crossbars or rungs, to hold all the tulle, flowers and lighting that you could want. This frame consists of 4 pieces that slide together and assembly time is approx. 15 minutes. At the top, where each half of the heart meets, are metal plates with nuts and bolts to securely connect the 2 halves, providing additional stability and another crossbar to hang more goodies! There is a free swinging support arm on the lower portion of each side of the heart to position where you might need it for extra support.

Amore is 274 linear inches (distance of the entire outer frame) with a circumference of 11" (distance around the 2 frames). If covering with flower walls and you need full, 360 coverage all the way around the arch, we suggest you zip tie the short sides of the wall together, meaning you will need approx. 16 walls. If you only need to cover the front and sides of the arch, leaving the backside exposed, you can zip tie the long sides together so you would need approx. 12 full walls or 30 half round Curved Flower Walls. Full wall based on 17" short side or 24" long side & half wall based on 18" long side.

Ample framework means your client has plenty of options and choices to customize as they wish and brides especially want their personal style to show through on their big day. Full of lovely blossoms, our huge selection of Silk Flower Sprays is a great place to start and Flexible Flower Garlands with bendable wire are an invaluable asset when decorating an arch.

Our ever growing variety of draping green sprays and leafy vines provide contrast while helping to fill out the arch. Using the rungs or crossbars, it's very easy to drape tulle or sheer fabric inside the framework of "Amore" and for a late afternoon or evening event, some Fairy String Lights or hanging glass candle holders will add the perfect romantic touch! Shimmering crystal beaded strands and pendants give another dimension while adding elegance.

For fairytale weddings and romantic events, nothing beats "Amore"!
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Metal Wedding Arch "Amore" Heart | 7'5"H x 7'3"W - Heavy Duty
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