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Interchangeable Replacement Greenery | Black Cherry Branch | 52" (Or Hanging Wall Cover!)


  • Item #: 167104
  • Weight: 0.50 LBS
  • Features: bendable, draping, use on faux trees, trunk not included
  • Width: 12 to 24 inches
  • Length: 52 inches
  • Color Family: green
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  • In Stock!

Artificial Black Cherry Branch, Extra Full 52" Draping Spray with Bendable Branches, Interchangeable to Use on Flowering Trees with Removable Branches, on Floral Risers or on Wedding and Event Backdrop Arches. Trunk Not Included.

Lush, supple and impressive, our 52" Black Cherry Branch has 3 main stems with multiple offshoots and it is loaded with silk leaves that are medium green and dark green. The center stem is 52" long while the outer 2 are 32" long. This branch has a natural drape but with the bendable stems, you can drape it even more to achieve the look you desire. This multifunctional branch has a 1 1/2" long, metal housing on 1 end which is designed to slide into the square holes on a flowering tree trunk, but it can also be used anytime there's a need for sumptuous leafy greenery!  The width out of the box is approx. 12" but can be spread to 24" or more if desired. 

Create an exquisite, draping Black Cherry Tree with this branch by using it on 1 of our Artificial Flowering Trees with Removable Branches.  These trees come with their own branches but from event to event, or as the seasons and holidays change, you can create an entirely different look by simply swapping out flowering branches for this one!  Or, create your own tree by mixing leafy and flowering branches.

Not just for trees, this branch adds a ton of volume, rich color and a textural element to Floral Risers while the cascading stems make it an ideal choice to add energetic greenery to Event Backdrop Arches, Garden Arbors and Gazebos. The metal housing is fairly easy to hide and using our powerful magnet hooks, adding any floral element to metal structures means quick and effortless decorating! This branch drapes over and it will not retain an upright position unless it's attached to a frame or structure.  Therefore, we recommend using only on large, sturdy risers and arches.  If using in a planter or urn, you will need to support or stake it. 

Simple. Crisp. Elegant. Done! Reliable and attractive plants and greenery for your big event are priceless assets. Save time, simplify your efforts and find what you need from our wide variety of greenery, floral choices and accessories!

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