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"Sussex" White Floral Riser 2 Tiered Stand 32 1/2" Tall

Item #: 177303
Item Specifics
23 1/2 inches
32 1/2 inches
floor standing, tabletop
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Item Description
Multi-Level White Flower Stand, 32.5"H Super Sturdy Round Metal Layered Centerpiece Display Riser and Floral Pedestal Stand, Tiered Frames 23.5" and 16" in Diameter

An impressive expanse of framework and solid construction are just a few of the outstanding features of our "Sussex" White Flower Stand with 2 Large, Round Tiers! This powder-coated, multi-level riser stands 32 1/2" tall and the top tier is 23 1/2" in diameter while the lower tier (optional) is 16" in diameter and there are 3 square frames on the interior tower. Each of the round tiers is 2 1/4" deep with double stacked rings and a bottom crossbar, giving tons of framework to secure floral sprays and garlands or lights and beaded crystal strands, with plenty of room to even hold tall centerpiece branches and oversized flowers. "Sussex" weighs 8.65 lbs., making it easy to move or reposition and it breaks down into 4 pieces for minimal storage space. Assemble in approx. 5 minutes with nuts and screws provided, and tighten by hand or wrench. The heavy-duty base plate is a 15" square.

This is one of those wedding and event pieces that designers and decorators use over and over – there's just so many different looks that this one unit can provide and there's a generous 13 1/2" between the 2 tiers so no need to be shy on the volume of your display! Place a large Decorative Planter or Urn on the top tier and fill in with leafy ivy garlands (yes, this stand is sturdy and stable enough!). Decorate with colorful flower balls and draping willow sprays or choose Flexible Flower Garlands with bendable wire that are an invaluable asset when designing floral creations.

Using the tower framework, it's easy to attach long-stemmed sprays like yummy Lilac Blooms or change up the look by placing the stems of manzanita branches in the tower. We think another fun look is to use oversized flowers. These range from 42" to 64" tall, creating a tall display while leaving the entire top tier open for further decorating. Also, the heads on these are removable to be used without the stem.

Weave tulle or fabric through the tower and add some glitz with beaded crystal strands or hang butterfly garlands. Illuminate with string lights or use the crossbars on the center tower to hold Remote Controlled LED Light Saucers. The tower is 4 3/4" wide and a 5" round disc light fits perfectly! If you'd like a covering for the base plate, try using a Flower Wall or a green landscape wall. The grid design on the back of these nature walls are ideal for covering the base plate. Simply set the wall over the holes on the base plate before attaching the tower.

For weddings and events, parties and celebrations, for hotel lobbies or for unique store displays, "Sussex" is there for you to create outstanding floor or tabletop designs that will garner eye-popping results!

Assembly: attach the base plate to the square tower. Slide the small tier over the tower and resting it on the metal tabs, secure it to the tower (this tier is optional). Set the large tier of top and secure it to the tower. Done!
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"Sussex" White Floral Riser 2 Tiered Stand 32 1/2" Tall
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