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Wedding & Event Decor
Centerpiece & Floral Risers & Kits

Centerpiece & Floral Risers & Kits

Create dazzling centerpieces with our centerpiece display kits and centerpiece risers at ShopWildThings. Choose a kit with a riser and a sparkling acrylic beaded chandelier to place on top of the riser. Or, you can order just the riser and add a floral display or similar decorative touch for a truly remarkable look.

The world's leading event planners turn to us for our incredible inventory of spectacular hanging and tabletop chandeliers. Click on our photo and idea pages to see these gorgeous kits on display at celebrity galas and elegant weddings. Our tabletop chandeliers can be used with our risers, and then later used to hang from the ceiling. Add a brilliant lighting effect by inserting a light cord kit or our cordless LED light discs.

Our Upsy Daisy Riser has a telescoping white stand that can hold chandeliers, flower arrangements, colorful tissue paper pom-poms or elegant LED candles. It extends up to 60 inches in height. Our Lomey Column has a bowl on top and one on the bottom. Fill the bowls with handfuls of our loose acrylic diamond-cut crystals and LED fairy light strands or submersible LED lights and floating LED candles. Our crystal beaded pedestal display cake stand is the perfect setting for a wedding cake.
  • Versatile tabletop/hanging chandeliers
  • Centerpiece kits with chandeliers and risers
  • Tiered, boost and telescoping risers
  • Hand-strung beaded centerpieces
  • Clear, silver, gold and color diamond-cut beads
  • Floral and cake pedestals and risers
  • Custom orders are our specialty!
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