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Orchid Floral Spray "Mahina" - Oversized & Dangling 52" - Natural Look Purple & White

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15 inches
52 inches
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Item Description
Purple Oversized Orchid Spray

Flowers are an essential player in any wedding or event and they must look picture perfect all day long, regardless of rough handling or less than ideal temperatures and conditions. Don't chance your most important moments with decor that probably won't meet your expectations or your budget.

This huge stem is PERFECT for constructing dangling ceilings of florals or wedding arches and gazebos adorned with flowers!

Our extensive line of faux silk flowers is a testament to our dedication of bringing smiles to every bride, decorator and event planner while removing stressful decisions. Our Purple and White Orchid Floral Spray "Mahina" is 4.3' long with varying lengths of dangling stems which provide abundant width and generous coverage! Orchids are elegant and exotic, making them popular as a classy floral choice but what really makes this showy spray so awesome is the regal purple blooms, kissed with a touch of white in the center!

There are 7 shoots branching off the main stem and the shoots range from 1' long to 4' long. The main stem is 4" long so the entire spray is 52" long! Green leaves give contrast to the Purple and White Orchids which are 3" to 3 1/2" wide. The stems on each bloom are about 2 1/2" long which makes the flowers stand away from the shoot, producing plenty of depth and fullness to this spray. Decorate a Wedding Arch with this dangling spray to create a stunning ceremony backdrop. Hanging from the stem with the shoots side by side, the width is approx. 15" wide. Place in a vase atop a pillar column and let the shoots waterfall down, or simply place several Mahina stems in the 4 holes on the top plate of a Pillar Column and the spray cascades to approx. 2 1/2" wide.

You can also suspend from ceiling hooks to create an overhead tropical paradise or combine with crystal decor for a luxurious and impressive display. If you like lots of color, combine with our Wanika multi-pink plumeria garland or our pink orchid spray Pualani. Exotic and blissful! Trouble-free and picture perfect all day!
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Orchid Floral Spray "Mahina" - Oversized & Dangling 52" - Natural Look Purple & White
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