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Reversible Glass Trumpet Vase - Metallic Gold - 2' Latour Vases

Item #: 143014
Item Specifics
2 feet
5 3/4 inches
2 vases in 1
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Item Description
Grand and glorious, our new Metallic Gold Reversible Glass Trumpet Vase combines functionality with style and sophistication! This shapely vase is really 2 vases in 1 so it's ready for all your decorating needs from weddings, anniversary celebrations, holiday parties to restaurant and club Decor. The vase is 2" tall and weighs 2.5 lbs. The large trumpet has a depth of 15" and the small trumpet has a depth of 8 1/4". The shiny golden curves meet at a 4" in diameter globe, giving this vase lots of interest and appeal! The glass is 1/4" thick and the width inside both trumpets is 5 5/16".

Both trumpets have a bottom to hold floral sprays, jelly Decor, metallic or crystal sprays, feathers and butterfly sprays. A classy and easy design is to simply top with a flower pomander kissing ball or boxwood topiary ball and tie a pretty ribbon around the neck to finish it off! The bottom of both trumpets can handle a maximum of 1 1/4" wide LED light source like a flameless candle or a waterproof light and the shiny gold interior enhances the glow!

Classy, eye-catching and versatile, this really is one fun vase to decorate!

This is a hand blown glass vase which means that no 2 pieces are identical and minor imperfections like tiny bubbles may be visible. It is not machine made but one of a kind! All of our glass products except where indicated, are 100% handblown. This means humans were involved during the production process. For this reason no 2 pieces of the same product would be identical. However, the measurements will be very close to the descriptions given with possible slight variances of up to 3/4".
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