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Chandelier "Shimmy" - Silver 8.5" x 19"


  • Item #: 19028
  • Weight: 1.00 LBS
  • Features: hanging, beaded
  • Length: 19 inches
  • Color Family: silver
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  • In Stock!

Welcome to the chandelier decoration of your dreams! This beautiful mirror-like decoration will LIGHT UP YOUR event, home, room,'s so fantastic and bright! This decoration is 2-Tiered and is 19" in length overall. The overall diameter is 8.5". Strand length outside tier: 19", 8.5"diameter and has 45 strands! The strand length for the inside tier is 12" and has 35 strands. that's a total of 80 strands!!! Each shimmering square mirror is 1/4". Place this on top of one of our chandelier risers to use on the tabletop! This we are calling a "Chandelier" but it does not come with a light kit. We'd recommend placing our ACOLYTE LED lights suspended on the inside, or topping it with some LED Saucers. You can EASILY add or subtract length to this chandelier. You can purchase our matching "Shimmy" Beaded Curtain and add length to it if you wish! Tons of work went into making this, and it's SO inexpensive! The square mirrors are made of lightweight PVC so it is SO light. This means that not only will it be easy to transport, hang, and take down....but also the slightest breeze will make the strands move and really show sparkle and shine.

This item does not come with a light kit. It is a decoration piece that looks very much like a chandelier, hence the chandelier name (and not the price tag!!)...You can add a light socket kit if you'd like: LIGHT CORD KIT. Shimmy is ALSO AVAILABLE IN GOLD!

The 7 second video below shows you how these shimmy and shake with the slightest breeze. The video is taken of one of the Shimmy beaded curtains, not of this chandelier decoration which will look fuller because of the tiers and denser strands of beads.

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