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Metallic Shiny Curly Mylar Foil Fringe Curtain - 3' x 6.5' - Seafoam Green


  • Item #: 177025
  • Weight: 0.20 LBS
  • Features: fire-proof
  • Width: 3 feet
  • Length: 6 1/2 feet
  • Color Family: green
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  • In Stock!

Metallic Seafoam Green Curly Mylar Foil Fringe Curtain 3' Wide by 6.5' Long, Party Decorations with Sticker Strip For Photo Backdrop, Wall, Doorway, Stage and Dance Floor Shimmering Decor

Kick your party or event into gear by starting with our Curly Metallic Mylar Foil Fringe Curtains that are super fun, super full, easy to hang dazzling decor that comes in awesome colors! This shimmering seafoam green backdrop is 3' wide by 6.5' long with oodles of wavy strands. With a sticky strip on the the top header, you can literally create a vibrant and energetic backdrop in a moments' notice! Need more features? Our foil curtains are inherently fire proof which is a necessary requirement for many venues and this budget friendly decoration is a necessary requirement for...well, everyone!

This curtain only weighs 3 oz. and is ideal for stage sets and photo backdrops but they're also popular for doorways (what a way to greet your guests and easy to walk through!), in front of large mirrors, as dance floor decor, to liven up columns, for showers and birthdays and even to decorate floats! If it's too long or too wide, this is the easiest curtain around to trim.

These exciting tinsel curtains take any event theme, holiday or celebration to the next level and try mixing up colors for a lively backdrop. We have colors for Under the Sea parties, Mardi Gras, Silver or Golden Anniversaries, St. Patrick's Day or whatever color tickles you pink! To completely conceal a wall or background, use a poly premier curtain behind the metallic foil curtain. Need some sparkle in the air? Our triple tier wire wreath can hold 3 layers of foil fringe curtains (approx. 2 curtains per tier) and makes a lightweight hanging party decoration!

When you hang this curtain, there may be a handful of strands that come out. This is typical as extra strands or "shake-off" strands occur due to the manufacturing process. Also, you may encounter strands on the far ends that may be shorter. Simply cut them off if it's bothersome.

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