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Versatile Workhorse Magnets For Bling-stallation

How To:  Using Magnets for Quick, Easy, Versatile Bling-stallation
How To:  Using Magnets for Quick, Easy, Versatile Bling-stallation
We are lucky to be in a biz that feeds our fascination (obsession?) with pretty pictures, but once in a while we have to share the behind-the-scenes tips and tricks that make those pretty pics a reality. And more importantly, that make gorgeous installations of beads, crystals, and even hanging columns possible in the short set-up windows that are typical in event planning. Whether you need a few small pieces to change up the look of your staple centerpieces, the ability to bling out a chandelier on a tight schedule, or even a no fuss way to hang a bead column or curtain, we have the key to making this particular magic happen: magnets.

Specifically, we'll take you behind the scenes of ShopWildThings event Decor pictures, where you'll find a selection of carefully vetted, thoroughly tested, high quality magnets that can hold bead strands, Beaded Curtains and Columns and many other gorgeous Decor pieces securely without leaving marks or messes. Whether you are drawing attention away from a drop ceiling (and its secretly fantastic metal strips) or suspending large columns above a cavernous commercial space, we'll show you the right magnet for the job n and how to use it.

Because behind every pretty picture, there are shiny little workhorses holding up everything from beaded crystal columns to shimmering fabric swags!

For the heavier objects, we use Heavy Duty Magnet Hooks ~ each one supporting up to 50 pounds. These are great for aluminum chain curtains, crystal ceiling drapes, long bead curtains and other Decor pieces that pack a little heft.

If your pieces are lighter, we offer 41 Pound Magnet Hooks and 23 Pound Magnet Hooks that are sufficient for most jobs. (We suggest purchasing an assortment for the best combination of value and flexibility and the best results with a variety of projects.)

Whether you've got a doorway (with a metal frame) that needs a bead curtain or an entire ballroom that needs some extra sparkle, our magnets are the ultimate handy helpers when you need a no fuss, no muss solution that installs quickly. If you have questions about these products, compatibility, or how to use anything that we sell, don't hesitate to call us at 928.855.6075.