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The USO - Desert Ali (Kuwait)

The USO - Desert Ali (Kuwait)
The USO - Desert Ali (Kuwait)
ShopWildThings is happy to be able to donate beaded curtains and decor for the USO for their parties and events overseas.

Visit and join for free. All you have to do is enter your email address. Once you enter your email address at the website, click on Support Our Troops. You can make a donation if you like. Or, just go to the USO homepage and learn more about this fantastic organization. They are a BBB Accredited Charity. The work that they do helps to lift the spirits of our troops who are deployed, and so much more.

Military personnel and family members visited USO centers more than 5.3 million times last year. Services include free Internet and e-mail access, libraries and reading rooms, housing assistance, family crisis counseling, support groups, game rooms and nursery facilities.